We design items of the highest quality and uniqueness to decorate everyone’s beloved home. They are meticulously crafted by artisans before being delivered to our customers, who could be you. Through training, we provide secure jobs for knitters and their families in rural areas of Vietnam, allowing them to escape poverty and establish a better future.

Make your house feel like home

How many changes have you made to your home’s interior? Even when it’s just changing the layout of the furniture, repainting the walls, adding decor, or installing lights. After spending so much time in one space, you may think it has lost its meaning and has become uninspiring to you. We might blame our emotions on the state of society as a whole, but our interior environment does indeed have a significant impact on how we feel and behave.

The social impact

Each of our fine art products is handcrafted with the utmost ingenuity and enthusiasm by craftsmen in towns in Vietnam’s Southeast region. We are attempting to provide jobs for women, particularly mothers, as well as lay the groundwork for positive social development throughout the countryside. We eliminate the intermediary and pay our weavers directly.

We eliminate the intermediary and pay our weavers directly.

Empowering women

Women’s job creation is especially important for community transformation. According to research, they will spend up to 90% of their income on family health, nutrition, and education. 

Making women breadwinners not only boosts their self-esteem but also promotes their social standing. It also empowers them to combine resources and improve infrastructure.

Why is “Famiheart” here?

It was 2019, the year of the COVID pandemic, when unemployment was high, with the vast majority of people stuck in their homes. I started searching for things to redecorate my house because I was bored with it. In addition, I seek unemployed artisans who I believe can help me build a house with the simplest of touches, making my family happier.

The joy that my family and I felt when we saw the products created by dedicated artisans inspired me to share them with the rest of the world.

Why don't you enjoy the benefits of it right now? You'll receive far more intangible value than you can see.

Our Team and Our Adventure

We, “Famiheart,” started as a small family and, despite our development, we still feel like one family! We have a workshop in a small village where everyone knows each other, and we feel like we’re a part of the community, and we’d never change it for the world. Many of them were born in the neighborhood or grew up with us; they are our neighbors, friends, and family. We are proud of our ancestors, particularly how they raised us. We believe that success is formed by values such as honesty, trust, and tradition, which we assume should never be broken. We constantly work to create products that make your home more perfect and happier while also saving resources and waste by leveraging our expertise, ingenuity, creativity, and enthusiasm. We wouldn’t do it any other way! Becoming a more sustainable brand isn’t just a commitment; it’s an important part of how we operate. Now that you know a little more about us, please feel free to call us and ask us anything. We’d be delighted tohear from you.

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